What you need to know about Continuing Education

Written by Fiorella Castro Reading time: 2 mins

As a new graduate you will need to start including Continuing Education (CE) or Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours in your schedule. Veterinary medicine is no exception and year after year new research, trends and techniques are being discovered and we must keep up to date with them to become the best professional we can be, so we must look for CE/CPD that is relevant, practical and convenient for us veterinarians.

As a new graduate you have several options, either start an internship, apply for a residency/specialty or get a job and start your professional career, but for whichever option you choose you must do CE/CPD.

Why is it important to do CE/CPD?

• It keeps you up to date

• You get to know different techniques or relevant topics from other parts of the world

• Networking opportunities

• Improve your skills

• Improves the quality of care for patients, clients, team members and personal well-being

• You learn about new and exciting subjects

Before enrolling in an event, course, certification or purchasing a membership from a CE/CPD platform, make sure that the CE/CPD is approved, i.e. that credits from these courses, platforms or events can be used to meet your country’s licensing renewal requirements.

To find out your country’s CE/CPD requirements, you should consult the College of Veterinary Medicine in your country.

Continuing Education Options:

• Live or on demand Webinars:

This is a good option, because you don't have to take a holiday, travel to another place and spend money on transport and accommodation. You can watch this from your phone/tablet/laptop and if it is on demand, you can watch it at any time and in any place.

• Certificate Programmes or Courses:

This is more focused on a specific topic, for example, you may wish to take a course in anaesthesia and analgesia or become certified to perform endoscopy.

• Meeting and Events:

Attending events or congresses online or in person brings benefits such as networking with other veterinarians from all over the world, meeting world-renowned speakers, as well as the wide range of topics covered.

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