Why Simply Vets?

Simply Vets, like many groundbreaking businesses, was born out of frustrations with the status quo.

Simply Vets is here to provide you with a one stop, stress free place for payroll and recruitment services. Partnering with our sister company, The Webinar Vet, we can ensure our Simply Vets locums are the most confident and knowledgeable locums out there!

So, we decided to shake things up.

Whilst working with a traditional umbrella, employees pay the contributions of both employee as well as employer. Not only do all the deductions get taken from your fee, but the umbrella company sometimes charge you a fee for their services – typically around £25 per week.

A fairer way of working.

We believe this is unfair and therefore at Simply Vets, employees will only have the employee deductions taken from their fees, and we will not charge you a fee to use us! Basically, you pay the same taxes as you would if you were employed rather than having to contribute to the employer taxes too! On top of this you are enrolled in our company pensions as well as having your holiday allowance accrued as pay.

The knock-on effect of this is that you maximise take home pay and not be charged for the privilege.

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