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We purchased Simply Locums as it was then called in July 2019. I got more involved with Simply Locums in January 2021 and changed the name to Simply Vets as I wanted to move it in a different direction. 

I founded The Webinar Vet in 2010, partly out of the frustration of keeping up to date with veterinary science and the art of practicing. In 2010 there were no real online platforms and training by the traditional companies was expensive and often meant leaving the practice for days. Conferences are always fun meeting colleagues but can be expensive in terms of time and finances. The mission for The Webinar Vet was to make continuing education more accessible and affordable to vets and nurses across the world. I think we’ve made a good job of that! We’ve also encouraged the more traditional CPD providers to modernise and come into the online space meaning there are lots of choices now and costs are more affordable. 

As I had helped fix the CPD/CE problem with The Webinar Vet, I wanted to be a part of the solution around veterinary recruitment. Our job is one of the best in the world. Many of us have come into the profession full of enthusiasm and with a genuine love of animals and it breaks my heart when I see younger colleagues having that enthusiasm squeezed out of them. 

Over the past 10 years, I have seen a resource problem develop in veterinary practice. Independent practices have sold out to corporates with a concomitant loss of talent as older members of the profession leave prematurely. More practices are opening leading to smaller practices with longer hours for the vets and nurses. This means vets and nurses are becoming disheartened working in practice and leaving the profession entirely. Compounded with vets and nurses leaving the practice scene to start a family and then returning on a part-time basis or not at all, there is a shortage of veterinary professionals in the UK.

I saw vets and nurses struggling to fill positions in their practices and having to work even harder to compensate for those who had left the profession. This has worsened during the pandemic and may worsen again as we come out of the pandemic with a burnout profession. Brexit and IR35 tax changes have further complicated the situation. 

How can Simply Vets be part of the solution? 

Part of the problem is that recruitment is another old traditional industry much like the veterinary CPD industry was 11 years ago. I pioneered the use of technology 11 years ago along with exceptional client service and high-quality content. 

I’ve started doing the same thing at Simply Vets. The vision was to make it easy for high-quality practices to meet up with high-quality locums. We work with Webinar Vet practice members and a couple of the corporates to meet locums who we try to nurture and develop by giving them access to our top-quality clinical training and personal development tool. Some of this is around mindset, mindfulness, and gratitude. 

Our engagement hub makes it easy for vets, nurses, and practices to meet up and organise work together. I believe that there are enough vets and nurses around but we must improve the way we all communicate through digital transformation along with exceptional concierge service from my team. We already have close to 100 vets and nurses who we are helping to navigate the IR35 changes as well as helping them to find high-quality work. Something that makes us unique. 

Here are the values we hold at Alpha Vet International Ltd which consists of The Webinar Vet, Simply Vets, and WikiVet. When I ask people to join the team, I ask them if they can commit to the values, vision, and culture of the organisation. 


We want to work with similarly committed vets, nurses, and practices. If you think in a similar way, I’d love you to come on board to improve working life in veterinary practice for the benefit of the team, clients, and most importantly the animals under our care. 

Book an appointment with myself or one of the team here if you want to know more. 

Thanks for everything that you do for the profession and the animals! 


Anthony Chadwick

We are proud to be a carbon negative company

Working together with Eco Offset, we are taking steps to reduce our environmental impact on our precious planet. Some of our achievements across the group so far include:

  • Pioneers of online CPD – no travel miles!

  • We have planted over 1,000 trees so far

  • Working towards Investors in the Environment Accreditation

  • Moving to a smaller premises – less consumption

  • Team litter pick days

  • Sustainability series on our veterinary podcast, VetChat

  • Plastic free July

  • Opening THE Vet Exhibition – an online exhibition centre hosting events

  • Planting wildflower meadows near our office space

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