If you haven’t found what you want to do yet, keep looking. Don’t settle

Steve Jobs

Simply Vets, like many groundbreaking businesses, was born out of frustrations with the status quo.

We spoke to so many practices who were fed up of paying a fortune for advertising, only to get no applicants, or applicants who were totally unsuitable for jobs.

We spoke to practices who were fed up of paying a fortune to recruitment companies for their services.

We spoke to vets and nurses who were fed up of others benefitting from their efforts.

So, we decided to shake things up.

We know jobs boards are boring and don’t work, we know that veterinary professionals deserve to benefit from this whole process.

Simply Vets is beautiful in its simplicity. We have put recruitment through the blender and made a delicious soup that benefits everybody.

Community is at the centre of our business. It is key to our and your success. We want to help every vet, nurse and business in the world find their own #vethappy. YOU form that community, so YOU should reap the rewards.

Full time, part time, flexitime, clinical, non-clinical, ECC, consult only. Whatever you want, it is out there!

We want to help you find what will work for you.

Find a job: get paid.
Help others find jobs: both get paid.
#vethappy: priceless.

So why not join the most exciting and engaged veterinary careers community around AND make some money while doing it.

We believe everyone can find their own #vethappy using Simply Vets.

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