Simply Vets FAQs

the veterinary networking community where everybody wins

How much does it cost me to use Simply Vets?

Simply Vets is now and will always be completely FREE to use. Whether you are an employer, a candidate or a careers networker. You can advertise jobs, engage with fellow vets and nurses who are part of the community completely free.

How does Simply Vets work?

We are a peer to peer careers networking platform.
There is a reason it is called SIMPLY…
Search roles
Engage with the employer
Either apply yourself or refer other into that job
Get paid if you get the job or if someone you introduce does
We are a peer to peer careers networking platform.

How much does it cost to list a job?

Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Zip. It is completely free to list any role, and better still, the persona advertising it can decide on the budget for the successful applicant. We suggest anywhere from 5-10% of salary as a finders fee to generate some real traction and attract awesome vets and nurses to your business.

How much can I earn?

The possibilities are endless.

What you see is what you earn. If a job says a finders fee of £2000 then that is what you get with no deductions. You could earn hundreds of thousands of pounds every year by successfully connecting vets, nurses and practices with one another. We provide the tools, you breed the success.

When do I get paid?

At Simply Vets we celebrate your success, so when you or the person you introduce to a role pass probation period (normally 90 days), your money gets released.

Do I need to declare my earnings?

Depending on where in the world you are, you need to abide by the tax laws for your earnings through the platform, yes.

How many times can I use Simply Vets?

You can use the platform as much as you like to refer members of your network to role. We limit people to taking two jobs a year through the platform personally as what we don’t want to do is encourage a culture of job hopping for financial reward. We know that some jobs just don’t work out for whatever reason, but lets not take the mick hey.

What makes Simply Vets different to other platforms?

We reward the people doing the hard work….you and your colleagues. So rather than us taking huge lump sums, we defer those monies to you and just provide you with a safe secure platform to do it on.

How do I earn money from Simply Vets?

By taking a job yourself or referring people from your own network of contacts into jobs you think may be good for them. If they take it you both earn.

What happens when I refer a role to someone?

If they are successful in being appointed to a role and passing their probation period, then the finders fee can be shared between you both to celebrate each of your success.

Where does Simply Vets work?

Even though we are based in the UK, the joy of our community network is that it is global meaning we can offer support to vet businesses and veterinary professionals all over the globe.

How do I engage with people on the platform?

Community networking is the bedrock of Simply Vets. We aren’t interested in interfering, and just want to give you the opportunity to engage with each other and find your #vethappy.

It is as simple as search and chat. If you are a practice looking for a vet, search for those in your area and say hi to them. Tell them what you have to offer.

If you are a candidate searching for a job or looking at your options then engage directly with practices and jobs in your desired area.

If you are a networker, then engage your friends with roles on the platform and reap the rewards

How do we make money?

It is only right that you ask this, and we believe in full transparency so here it is...we charge a percentage of a job budget to the practice, but what you see on the site is the adjusted finders fee with our fees taken out. This means that what you see is what you get. We only earn money if you successfully find roles and apply via the platform, so help us to help you!

How long will it take me to find a suitable role for me?

Well that is like asking how long is a piece of string. Some of you will hit the jackpot on day one, some will take a bit longer. Speed isn’t the key though, it is making sure you find the right role for you and you are the right fit for your next employer.

Do I need to have a live profile?

Whilst your profile is visible on the platform, you can set your status:

-I am happy in my current role
-I am actively looking for a new role
-I am always open to making new connections and
-I would rather not say
-I am here to help others network and find their #vethappy

Can I use other platforms?

Of course you can, but why would you?

I am a recruiter, can I use the platform?

As long as you play by the same rules as everyone else this platform is open to everyone. This ia a networking platform for everybody to help each other find the right roles for them.

What does being a Simply Vets community member mean?

Being a Simply Vets member means that you are part of the solution. You are joining an engaged community of veterinary professionals who are here to do one simple thing: help each other out!

It allows you to network and find jobs for yourself and others and get paid for doing it.

We aren’t exclusive, we are for everyone and we will ALWAYS have a free platform.