Who are the Best Umbrella Companies for Vets and Nurses?

Written by Harry Marshall Reading time: 3 mins

Simply Vets is owned and run by Anthony Chadwick, founder of The Webinar Vet and one of the leading voices in the veterinary profession. Being one of the only Veterinary specific umbrella companies around, Simply Vets is perfectly placed to advise vets and nurses about umbrella companies and payroll solutions.

Our goal is to be transparent, helping the veterinary profession to be educated and make the best choice possible when it comes to umbrella companies. That is why we decided to put together a list of some of our competitors with a history of providing an easy and reliable payroll service.

You can use our Pay Calculator to work out what your pay packet will look like after any deductions your umbrella may have.

Exceed Outsourcing: Exceed offer a ‘pay-as-you-go’ fee structure which can be useful if you are doing to odd day as a locum here and there, where a monthly fee would be expensive. They also have a handy portal that you can use to track your timesheets.

JSA Group JSA are one of the older companies, having been in the contractor market for over 30 years. They allow you to bring your pension with you, or you can use their pension if you would prefer.

Giant Group Giant has a handy online calculator so you can run the numbers on their payroll service. Unlike some other calculators, it gives a transparent breakdown of the costs involved. It also allows you to see your net income – not just your gross income.

Workrgroup Workr is a well-established company, with 4 offices across 3 continents. They offer a private healthcare cash plan worth £675 per year, counselling & mental health support along with the standard holiday pay and insurance.

The vast majority of umbrella companies will offer insurance, statutory pay, holiday pay and some high street benefits, but we would always recommend asking what that means for YOU in particular. Especially when it comes to insurance… does their professional indemnity insurance cover the veterinary profession?

Here are some other helpful questions to ask:

·       If I charge x what would my net pay be each month?

·       Where do you take your deductions?

·       If I charge x, what will you bill the practice?

·       Who pays Employers National Insurance?

·       Do you charge a timesheet fee? If so, how much and how frequent is it?

·       Are there any fees to leave the company?

·       How frequently/what date am I paid on?

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